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Curriculum Vitae

Professional Summary

I am a Community Advocate, Communications Educator/Scholar and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant with a high level of expertise emphasizing communication advocacy and strategizing. I pride myself on being an adaptive leader, whose privately and professionally invested in equity-building and community mobilization practices within multiple contexts including education and community settings. I value effective communication and have proven results in team building, intercultural competence, diversity, equity and inclusivity training and workshop facilitation.

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Cultural Competence Training  Writing  Workshop Creation Speech Coaching Workshop Facilitation   Public Speaking  Speech Writing Training   Job Coaching    Speech Writing Team Building Exercises

Curriculum Planning    Small Group Training   

Project  Planning Management and Assessment Virtual Communications

Social Media Content Consensus Building

Work Experience


Director of Forensics/Faculty Instructor, Louisiana State University

I have multifaceted experience in several tasks including producing contracts through scholarship and annual performance assessments, establishing university and community relationships to increase charitable giving, crafting recruitment promotional materials and correspondence, developing departmental resources that emphasis equity and inclusion relating to increasing overall workplace productivity and  increasing departmental and program wellness with emphasis placed upon diversity and inclusion awareness and training as it relates to EEO (Equal Employment Opportunities) compliance, practices and standards.

Fall 2009- Summer 2016

Faculty Instructor, Texas A&M International University

I have significant expertise in teaching a  variety of Communication courses especially those relating to technical components of verbal and written communication skills as well as, presentation skills, exercising discussion building and facilitation best practices, practicing collaborative team building, decision-making and problem solving and creating and evaluating learning activities and goals.


Assistant Debate Coach, University of Louisiana

I have effectively established program success through in-depth recruitment processes, peer assessment interviewing, telephone and In-person screening techniques, employed varied conflict management and team building exercises, and contributed to over-all program wellness with emphasis placed upon diversity awareness and training as it relates to Title IX policies and protections.


University of Louisiana-Monroe

Masters of Art, Communications, 2007    

University of Louisiana -Monroe

Bachelors of Art, Speech Communication, 2005

Advocacy Experience

Urban Congress: Baton Rouge, La January 2017 to Present

Congress Delegate:

The Urban Congress on African American Males in Baton Rouge is a diverse coalition focused for the next 7-10 years on leveraging the city of Baton Rouges assets to improve life outcomes for black males and their families. As a Congress Delegate serving within I work alongside other delegates to intentional create momentum around deceleration on incarceration rates in urban communities while advancing opportunities for successful reentry and restoration of full citizenship for African American males.

Dialogue on Race: Baton Rouge, La

Dialogue Facilitator:          

Dialogue on Race is a structured program of six two-hour weekly sessions based on academic reading materials.  The workshop series is dedicated to the elimination of racism through education, action, and transformation. As a facilitator, I cultivate a space that moves the conversation of race and institutionalized racism forward. Each session is crafted in a capacity that allows session attendees to expand in their learning and their capacity to tackle tough and uncomfortable conversations around race in the United States.

HeySis: Baton Rouge, La September 2018 to Present

Hey Sis Curator and Creator:

HeySis is a interactive social network organization dedicated to the creation of community talk, action, and support geared toward African American women.  As creator and lead curator, I am responsible for assessing the climate surrounding local African American woman. More specifically, I analyze the economic, physical, social, spiritual gaps existing in the lives of African American communities. From this analysis, I craft a specific spectrum of programming that resonates with black women's lived experiences.

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