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Speaking and Presentation Resources

I’ve spent much of my life standing in front of a room of folks making clear and concise arguments. Oh, the power of being the oldest sibling!  Yet, it was only during my first public speaking course that I realized the tremendous power of rhetoric! As a former Director of Forensics (Public Address and Debate), I have written, inspired, and coached thousands of students in competitive speaking. I have also had the opportunity to help a plethora of professionals move past their fears of speaking publicly and become master orators! Additionally, as a former college/university faculty member, I have spent a significant amount of time leading all types of group learning experiences. I especially enjoy helping people move through difficult conversations and employing active, compassionate listening and careful responses to moving people closer to achieving their goals of shared meaning.

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Justice-Oriented Presentation Services

Group Facilitation:

Small and large groups

Personalized icebreaker and learning activities

Customized group learning experiences

Public Speaking: 

Public address


Panel discussions

Podcast interviews

Speech Writing & Speech Coaching: 

Speech writing



Rehearsal support and coaching


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