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This is Me

I'm a JEDI  (Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) practitioner, facilitator and consultant. I have spent nearly two decades helping individuals and organizations identify their cultural incompetence's and biases, assess organization structure, design interventions  and move forward holistic strategies that support organic change. As a coach, I support my clients in naming the existing challenges and tensions that hinders personal wellness, efficiency and momentum. An equitable world requires all of us to be able to process our emotions and find sustainable techniques of resilience.  I've spent most of my own professional life seeking and creating infrastructure, policies and practices to create safety for myself. I look forward to using both my personal and professional experiences to help my clients achieves maximum results.


I am also the creator and curator behind the social media platforms, The AntiBlackness Reader Project and Divesting From Whiteness podcast. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies and I'm a published researcher, conference presenter and public speaker. My public advocacy is largely inspired by my academic research relating to social power and its intersections with race and gender identity constructions. I formerly held a dual faculty administrator appointment as a university Director of Forensics.

As an educator, researcher, writer, public speaker, and community advocate, within all my spheres of influence I attempt to A.C.T. right. I am deeply committed to Advocate for self and others, practice critical Compassion, and move through spaces with transformative Transparency.

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"Shared humanity is indeed plausible and sustainable in our institutions, businesses, organizations and streets, if we have the will to act, trust, and unite as one global community.”

I advise individuals, networks and organizations. I provide high touch Strategic Communications, training, coaching, group consensus building strategies and best practices to promote diversity, inclusion and


"Kina Reed provided excellent and nuanced consulting services to our college ministry intern program as we worked to navigate issues of racism in the church and on campus. I appreciated her creativity, her thoroughness, and her commitment. Her input was invaluable, and contributed immeasurably to the powerful conversations and renewed focus on identifying and dismantling systemic racism in our organization."


Noelle Allison

Director of Children's Ministries

St Alban's Chapel

Baton Rouge, La



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